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About Me


With an elegant traditional hand drawn style, I like to fill my art with a dynamic play of precision and fluid brushwork, aiming to capture the life, vitality and beauty of my wildlife subjects. Specialising in watercolour on paper, I enjoy exploring the unique properties of the paint and often employ minute brushes, quills and a variety of papers to best convey colour, texture and character.

Amongst my friends I have always been known as 'the arty one' and initially had the intention of pursuing a career in Fine Art, studying for my Foundation at the prestigious London Institute, Chelsea College of Art. However, having been told by many tutors that my style was more suited to Illustration, I eagerly changed discipline and gained my BA Hons in Visual Communications Illustration at the University of Westminster. It was during my final year (and a trip to the entomological exhibits of the Natural History Museum) that I discovered my particular passion for depicting insects.
In the years since, I have continued to work on a variety of wildlife projects, diversifying into all orders of the natural world.

Whether a simple line drawing or a large vibrant painting, I like to think that even with my meticulous professional approach to the brief, I am able to maintain a playfulness within the work. My expertise lie in wildlife art and scientific illustrations, for both commercial and gallery markets, which has allowed me to attract clients globally, securing commissions from a wide spectrum of media.

I'm also part of The Drawn Together Collective selling our artworks at London markets.