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I have settled on a theme of  'All about Me!' as the adults attending have varying levels of abilities, the theme will simply be a starting point to explore identity, this can be in it's simplest form, for example favourite colour, or can lead to more intricate self analysis.

Week 1 - introduction to watercolours.  Experimenting with the paint, wax resist, sponges, salt crystals and drops of alcohol.

Week 2 - introduction to printing. 'What makes me smile', making our own foam cuts and card blocks we printed onto a whole variety of materials and handmade papers.

Week 3 - introduction to Mattise and cut outs.  Looking at Matisse we tried his method of drawing with charcoal attached to long sticks, then using this as a guide made our own pictures using tissue paper cut outs.

Week 4 - introduction to wire sculpture.  We drew our own portraits and shapes of our hands, then using the wire followed these lines, making a 3d linear sculpture.

Week 5 - introduction to silhouettes and shadow puppets. Deciding upon our favourite fairytale characters, we made moveable puppets, displaying them behind a backlit screen.

Week 6 - introduction to Aboriginal art.  We tried Australian Aborigine style painting, making patterns and dots on sand paper. Making our own paints with mixtures of clay, mud, chalk, we then painted with primitive tools using different size sticks.

Week 7 - introduction to patterns, William Morris and monoprinting.  Using string and leaves we made our own design blocks, we repeated the prints to form a wallpaper design.

Week 8 - introduction to self portraiture.  Using photographs and projectors we worked on individual canvasses making our own self portraits.

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