Mencap 'Art the Next Step' 10 week art course

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Week 1:   Art Deco pattern printing and Rennie Mackintosh rose style paintings.


Week 2:   Wire Sculptures, choosing a favourite animal to sketch and work in wire.

Week 3:   Shadow Puppets. Choosing scenes and characters taken from 'The Jungle Book'.

Week 4:   Japenese Silk Paintings. Designing watery effects based on Hokusai's 'Great Wave'.


Week 5:   Egyptian Art. Heiroglyphs and paintings on papyrus and clay models.

Week 6:   Henry Moore style sculptures. Working with dry foam and clay filler.

Week 7:   Self Portraits. Experimenting with watercolours on box canvasses.

Week 8:   Aztec Silver Tooling and Monotypes.    

Week 9:   Mosaics. Making patterns from glass and stone mosaic tiles.

 Week 10: Fabric Collage. Cutting and sticking various textiles to form pictures.  Van Gogh pastel sketches of fresh cut flowers.


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